HP LaserJet 2200 Printer series - Optional 500-Sheet Tray 3

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Optional 500-Sheet Tray 3

1 Pull the tray out of the printer.

2 Locate the orange plastic packaging

piece that is holding down the tray.
Turn it counter-clockwise and lift up
to remove.

3 To adjust for letter-size paper, pull up

on the rear stop, or to adjust for
A4-size paper, push the rear paper
stop down.

4 For letter-size paper, move the side

width guides outward as far as
possible, or for A4-size paper, move
the side width guides inward as far
as possible.

5 Add the media and make sure that

it is flat in the tray. Keep the media
below the hooks on the side and rear
of the tray.

6 Slide the tray back into the printer.






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Step 5: Connect Printer Cable 9