HP LaserJet 2200 Printer series - If You Have Installation Problems

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If You Have Installation Problems

Use the following list to resolve problems you may have installing
your printer:


Make sure your printer is on and all connections are firm.
Ensure that no other peripherals are connected to the printer
cable. For parallel connections, make sure your cable is
IEEE-1284B compliant.


Exit any software programs and turn off the computer and the
printer. Turn on the printer and then turn on the computer.


Close any virus protection programs that are running on your
computer. (Right-click the virus protection program icon in the
taskbar status area, and then click Disable.)


Uninstall the printer software using the instructions in your
electronic user guide, located on the HP LaserJet 2200 CD.


Try the installation process again.


If you get a message that two-way communication is not working,
click OK and continue with the rest of the installation.