HP LaserJet 2200 Printer series - Service and Support

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and Support


HP provides a variety of service and support options around the
world. Availability of these programs will vary depending upon your

HP Express Exchange


The customer contacts the local HP Customer Care Center listed
in the product documentation. A technician troubleshoots the
situation and determines whether the printer has actually failed. If
so, the technician refers the customer to the HP Service Center.


A representative from the service center requests product and
customer information. In some countries/regions, collateral may
also be requested.


HP ships a refurbished replacement unit to arrive the next day.
(Geographic distance might prevent next-day shipping.)


The customer sends the defective printer to Hewlett-Packard at
HP's expense.

Customers with on-site support service provided by HP should work
directly with the local HP Customer Care Center instead of following
the steps outlined here.

Exchanged units carry the remainder of the original unit’s warranty or
90 days, whichever is greater. The faster turnaround from HP Express
Exchange minimizes downtime over traditional service programs that
require you to ship the failed unit to the manufacturer, and then wait
for it to be repaired and returned. Because HP pays the shipping
charges, you incur no hidden costs for the service.

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112 Chapter 5 Service and Support