HP LaserJet 2200 Printer series - Selecting an Alternate PostScript Printer Description (PPD)

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Selecting an Alternate PostScript Printer
Description (PPD)


Open the Chooser from the Apple menu.


Click the LaserWriter icon.


If you are on a network with multiple zones, select the zone in the
AppleTalk Zones box where the printer is located.


Click the printer name you want to use in the Select a PostScript
Printer box. (Double-clicking will immediately generate the next
few steps.)


Click Setup... (This button may read Create for first-time setup.)


Click Select PPD....


Find the desired PPD in the list and click Select. If the desired
PPD is not listed, choose one of the following options:

• Select a PPD for a printer with similar features.

• Select a PPD from another folder.

• Select the generic PPD by clicking Use Generic. The generic

PPD allows you to print, but limits your access to printer


In the Setup dialog box, click Select, and then click OK to return
to the Chooser.


If you manually select a PPD, an icon might not appear next to the
selected printer in the Select a PostScript Printer box. In the Chooser,
click Setup, click Printer Info, and then click Update Info to bring up the


Close the Chooser.

Renaming the Printer

If you are going to rename the printer, do this before selecting the
printer in the Chooser. If you rename the printer after selecting it in
the Chooser, you will have to go back into the Chooser and reselect it.

Use the Set Printer Name feature in the HP LaserJet Utility to rename
the printer.

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