HP LaserJet 2200 Printer series - Printing with the Fast Infrared Port (WirelessPrinting)

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Printing with the Fast Infrared Port
(Wireless Printing)

The fast infrared (FIR) port is located on the lower right corner of the
printer. This port is compliant with the specifications determined by
the Infrared Data Association (IrDA). On the right side of the FIR port
is a status light that indicates when the port is active. The FIR port
transmits data at speeds of up to 4 MB per second. When the IR
connection is established, the FIR status light comes on. If the
connection is broken, or when the print job is complete, the FIR
status light goes off.

To use the FIR port, you need the following:


A computer or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) equipped with an
IrDA-compliant IR port.


An infrared port driver that allows printing from the computer
to the printer using the FIR port and the IrDA communication


A printer driver to generate data that the printer can print.


Check with your hardware or operating system manufacturer for the
correct port driver.

FIR Status Light

FIR Port

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