HP LaserJet 2200 Printer series - Software For Macintosh Computers

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Software For Macintosh Computers

PostScript Printer Description Files (PPDs)

PPDs, in combination with the LaserWriter driver, access the printer
features and allow the computer to communicate with the printer.
An installation program for the PPDs is provided on the HP LaserJet
2200 CD.

HP LaserJet Utility

HP LaserJet Utility allows control over features that are not available
in the driver. The illustrated screens make selecting printer features
from the Macintosh computer easier than ever. Use the HP LaserJet
Utility to do the following:


Name the printer, assign it to a zone on the network, download
files and fonts, and change most of the printer settings. See the
HP LaserJet Utility help.


From the computer, lock out functions on the printer to prevent
unauthorized access.

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16 Chapter 1 Printer Basics